Sandal Styles

Luis Sandal

The Luis Style is dressy. The strap fits snuggly around the foot. The buckle must be undone to take the sandal off. If your foot is wider towards the front this style will work well for you.

Toe Style Sandal

The Toe Style is firmly anchored to the foot, suitable for very active people. The long strap is movable from start to finish.

Slip On Style Sandal

The slip-on is one long strap which must be adjusted as the leather slowly stretches. The two straps between the toes require a longer breaking-in time; leather dressing speeds up this process. The strap is glued in place near the buckle end.

Indian Style Sandal

This casual style is also for those who want to slip into their footwear without bending and undoing buckles.

Gaia Style Sandal

The gaia style has one strap movable throughout.