Caring for your Sandals


Pechey SandalsPechey Sandals are made from leather sourced locally from Packers’ Tannery Nerangba in Qld. This leather was once used to make footballs and is both strong and flexible.

Sole material (as of 2017) is mainly ‘Nora Lunasoft’, a quality eva from Germany. Colours are dark brown, and a lighter tan colour.

On larger sized sandals I’m still using ‘olympic rubber’ which is harder-wearing and heavier than the nora. The Vibram Stripe is no longer available.

Leather Care

caring for your sandals

After-care is essential for comfort and longevity.

I recommend leather dressing – eg, Dubbin, to keep the leather soft, and protected from wear and water. Oil all the leather surfaces. Gently pull the moveable strap aside to do the hidden bits.  (Note: Not all straps are moveable.) You can put your hand inside a plastic bag. Ordinary shoe polish improves the shine, but doesn’t protect against water. Leather darkens in sunlight, so store sandals away from the light.


I will fix or replace your sandals at no cost, provided you’ve taken reasonable care.